Thinking development

After we visited“Living with buildings” in Welcome Collection few weeks ago, I got some inspirations of the relationship between human and building. A place to live could influence people’s mental health, which lead me to a question, what is “home” and what makes people feels like home. “Home” is a place to live, where u can relax yourself that is why your living environment could show your personality directly. 

I started to do a lot of research about “home” and thinking about the symbol of “home”, and I suddenly thought about the door in  Monsters, Inc. In the movie, different door represent a different child’s room and there are many different decorations on the door which reminds door could be be the symbol of home. How people decorate their doors and place waste bins could show their life styles and even personalities. I decided to make a collection of people’s door and point the details to help people imaging what is inside the door. 

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