Final outcome

This week, I finished my final outcome by using Photoshop and Indesign. Before I start to do the final outcome, I did some research about how does professionalĀ  magazines combined images and typography together and I found out I actually create the combination whatever I want. Magazine can looks not like science magazine with lots of paragraphs.

At first, I want to put all my 30 images into the magazine, but this idea just stuck me for a long time, I have no idea how to combined all these images into an only 8 pages magazine. Later, I thought I should gave up this idea and just pick some of them and highlight the point of decorations and details.

I chose two opposite colours blue and red to highlight the words, use Photoshop to change the image colour and enlarge the details I tried to point out. I just play with these software and tried different formats to see which is the best one. When I tried to print the final copy out, I realised that I should double check the page number or the outcome may have difference from what I plan.

This is the first time I design my own magazine, I feelĀ  very exciting and I found out I need to learn more softwares which is very useful for my future project.

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